A little bit 'bout me

Hand after hand, foot after foot, I reached up above me as my bicep extended and pulled me skyward. The sun was beating down on both my back and the basalt pillars I was ascending as sweat dripped from my brow. With a deep breath I pushed up reaching the top of the pillar. The Columbia River Gorge opened up to me and I looked out at the gigantic tectonic plates that had waged war on the land below.

I’ve been humbled by nature in a way that makes me realize how much I have to learn. I’ve been taught to listen, to be positive, to remain fully engaged, to continually strive for my best while maintaining a deeply important line of respect.

Maybe I don't have to keep these lessons for the mountaintops?

Just as my heart starts racing at the sight of a mountain, I’m starting a new adventure with this blog.

This blog mostly chronicles adventures around the West coast of the United States with some special additions of international travels.

I'd love to hear from you about anything at all. My email is mcjantsch@gmail.com or you can find me on
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